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Organize your call conferences
easily, immediately and at the best price!

IVR development and hosting.
Best repayment on premium numbers.

Try our virtual timekeeping system
and check worktime of your employees!

Osimatic is a company founded by Mr Marzolf in 1989 providing phone services,
like call conference, virtual clocking or IVR hosting.

Call conference

Osimatic offers a range of call conference services covering all business or public needs. Because our technical control and full automation, we can provide a wide variety of call conference at the best price, adapted to the needs of our customers.

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IVR hosting

We are using our servers for our own phone services. Moreover, we can develop any phone services that you want for your business, from implementation and customization to installation and testing.

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Phone clocking

The time clock by phone is a simple and economical solution to check easily the working time of your employees. Every employee call a phone number when they arrive and leave their workplace. The working time is displayed in real time on your account.

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Callback button

Put quickly and easily a callback button on your website. Your visitors enter their phone number, are called back and are connected with you by phone, for free. This plugin has become a very useful tool on e-commerce website.

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With BlogTel, put your web content and data into the phone world. Easy to install, you will earn money for your content by exporting it as audio messages, accessible by a premium rate number.

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La société

  • Fondée en 1989 par M. Marzolf

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Côté technique

  • + de 20 ans d'expérience dans le vocal
  • Serveurs hébergés dans un datacenter
  • 1.000 lignes installées
  • 1 million d'appels par mois

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  • Transparence
  • Réactivité
  • Personnalisation des services
  • Indépendant
  • Très bon reversements

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10 rue des Gaudines
78100 Saint-Germain-en-Laye

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